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Why Northwest Arkansas Logistics Group?

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What makes us Unique

NWA Logistics Group is a full service transportation, logistics, and warehouse provider. With cutting edge technology and experienced professionals with 25+ years experienced across each segment. NWA Logistics Group is also a member of EPA Smartway Logistics.

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What we have to offer

Through technology and communication, while cutting your cost and increasing your service. NWA Logistics Group strives  to provide real time solutions for all of your logistics needs.
In addition to our 450,000 square ft. warehouse and intermodal team, our ground fleet consists of Dry Van, Refrigerated, Flatbed and specialized/heavy haul trailing equipment. Backed with 885 Core owner operators and a combined capacity of over 3,925 trucks throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. NWA Logistics Group is committed to servicing all of your logistics needs in North America.

How much of it we have to offer

We have 950 dry  vans, 675 refrigerated vans, 389 flatbed trailers, and 485 teams available for your transportation. Along with a 275,000 square foot warehouse.

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