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Our goal is to continually expand and improve our services to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations and to accommodate their ever-changing business requirements.
NWA Logistics Group will execute our mission with honesty and integrity using a team approach that allows us to be a distinctive leader in the transportation industry.
Our team combines logistics and transportation project management expertise along with the latest technology to implement and manage the transportation needs of our customers. We provide Full Truckload, Less Than Truckload, Heavy Haul and specialized equipment options along with 275,000 sq ft of Warehousing space located in Northwest Arkansas

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While a driver shortage continues to plague the transportation industry, most carriers have adapted to the changing market conditions in order to capitalize on growth opportunities.
Based on value of service, trucking accounted for 79% (or $344 billion) of U.S. commercial freight revenues in 2013. Commercial trucks represent 3% of all US highway vehicles but account for 20% of all highway fuel consumption. This is because products transported by truck tend to be manufactured goods that move short distances, rather than the heavy, long haul, bulk commodities that travel by rail and barge.
Motor carriers specialize in higher-value freight that moves 750 miles or less and for which delivery is required within three days. Some 36% of truck freight never cross state lines. Examples of this type of freight are consumer staples delivered locally, manufactured goods shipped between commercial establishments or delivered to consumers or retail outlets.
Trucking companies have the largest share of the freight market. Unlike railroads, pipelines or water carriers, trucking companies do not face geographic limits caused by physical constraints and can offer door-to-door service. They also pay relatively little to use the nation's highway system. Railroads, by contrast, must build, maintain, and police their rights-of-way.
The trucking industry consists of two broad segments: private and for hire. In turn, for-hire trucking companies fall into two broad categories: truckload and less-than-truckload carriers.

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Although there are major players in each of the commercial carrier market segments, the market remains highly fragmented with 50 of the largest trucking companies accounting for less than 30% of the market. There are numerous companies providing different kinds of the trucking services. Major competitors for Northwest Arkansas Logistics Group, LLC are those companies who have truck fleets and are also targeting the same markets.
Market research shows that customers make transportation decisions based on price, on-time deliveries, special handling capabilities, and less-than-truckload orders. Customer referrals and carrier's reputation are believed to strongly influence the buying decision.

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Northwest Arkansas Logistics Group, LLC has an opportunity to entrench its competitive position in the transportation and logistics market by selectively focusing on the enriched customer base of Northwest Arkansas. The department already has experience in servicing these clients and there is a growing demand for reliable transportation solutions in this customer segment.
Outside of Northwest Arkansas, there are several potential customer segments for which we can provide transportation and logistics services. Major customer segments include the food industry, manufacturers, and retailers.
Most large established companies have their own truck fleets, while smaller companies outsource their transportation needs. Although they vary in the scale of their operations, they have a steady demand for reliable transportation solutions. We are actively looking to solicit these customers.

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